Ships Of War

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The Ships Of War Theme is an original theme created by The Bobby Brix Channel. It insludes custom made LEGO Ships known for their service during WWI and WWII or any events before the 1950's.

We couldn’t leave the LEGO Ilmarinen Finnish Coastal Defence Ship all along in the docks without her sister ship: the Vainamoinen. Now you download the LEGO Väinämöinen Coastal Defence Ship f
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This Soviet Destroyer shall join the grand fleet of Ships of War created by The Bobby Brix Channel. Greet the LEGO Derzky Class Destroyer model created by The Bobby Brix Channel! You can download this

Oh buoy! The Ships Of War fleet is getting bigger and bigger everyday! Take a look at yet another addition to the collection with the LEGO HMS Repulse Battlecruiser MOC from the British Navy! Download
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Don’t judge a ship by it’s unusual shape or size, judge it by it’s might in high seas. Yes, this is one mighty ship the British have built during World War II and this ship served we

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