2020/21 Updates

2020/21 Updates

A fresh start (almost)

A lot has been going on in the year 2020 and some of us can’t keep up with all the fast and recent changes. The Bobby Brix Channel was caught up with all these changes and it pretty much explains what is happening to the YouTube Channel. The channel, the website and the social media accounts have been under the control of one person for over a year now, and as an average human being (just like you), I have other tasks to do in life. I am still willing to continue my work behind The Bobby Brix Channel because deep down it is still my passion.

So consider this blog post as a reboot of the channel, the website and all the things to come…

But first, let’s do a recap on things (2020 in a nutshell)

  • We donated 20$ to the TeamTrees initiative thanks to your help!
  • The Bobby Brix Channel reached over 2000 subscribers on YouTube!
  • The Bobby Brix Channel also got 200,000 views from this year (out of the 550,000 total)!
  • The Bobby Brix Channel upgraded it’s website and got a new online store!
  • There were more than 400 downloads on more than 145 models from the new store!

The problems with videos…

As some LEGO enthusiasts might know, The LEGO Company stopped supporting and developing their infamous LEGO Digital Designer for a couple of years now. That didn’t seem to be a problem until up-to this year. As it turns out, once you lose their latest library update you no longer have a way to find it and download it again. Which was the case when I had to upgrade and change my workstation. Aside this problem, I found out how bad the quality of the render the program gave me. The resolution is far below the usual 720p or 1080p I sometimes managed to achieve, it now looks more like a stretched rendering of 480p images. This is not ideal for YouTube at all.

I was now facing with a bigger problem than before…

My current solutions:

I am still using LEGO Digital Designer for simple models, but as LEGO creates new molds of bricks, the database becomes outdated, some of these bricks become essential yet inaccessible in the older program. A part from that, making videos has become even more challenging, so here’s what I’ve come up with:

Bricklink’s Studio 2.0

I am progressively switching to Bricklink’s Studio 2.0 program which in turn, gives me possibilities to render my models in high-quality 3D pictures. The only problem is that Studio 2.0 does not have a “Render Building Instructions” option like LEGO Digital Designer had. Without this option, making videos with my step-by-step approach still brings me to a dead-end.


At date, this is the only way I can display my LEGO creations in 3D and without any requirement of advanced programming skills. It’s practically flawless and gives me a lot of tools to work with. It also gives me more time to think on the model than the video and worrying about what copyright-free music I should choose to fit with the model’s ego.

Here’s what to expect in the future…

  • Videos will be rarer, as I explained before I still have to figure out how to make high-quality renders showing the building instructions of my LEGO models. This does not mean that I will stop making videos. Also I won’t delete the older ones, they’re here to stay.
  • I will be putting more effort into the website. I made a full redesign of it this year and had to re-upload and regenerate almost 200 individual files. I will continue in putting the same effort in the future.
  • That being said, I’m planning to generate and upload step-by-step .pdf file instruction books for every significant model in the online store. I will be working with Studio 2.0 to make this manual and long task easier.
  • All models will be updated and downloadable in at least 3 different formats: .lxf (LEGO Digital Designer), .ldr (LDraw), .io (Studio 2.0) and exclusively .dae (Collada) for 3D modelling software.
  • All future models will have 3D previews on Sketchfab. I will also try to upload previous models onto the platform especially for the models available for purchase only.
  • I’m planning to remove all advertisements from my websites in 2021…

What about Patreon & my patrons ?

Patreon has been the primary source of income for covering the hosting and domain costs of The Bobby Brix Channel. These are monthly costs (both paid yearly) that are required to keep the website up and running, better faster and safer everyday. What’s more, Patreon also gives me a very personal way to thank my fans and supporters with exclusive offers, ideas, previews or news in the upcoming future.

Without my patrons, I wouldn’t see my website in this state today. Thank you.

Well that’s all! I hope you read it all and have a good idea on what’s to come!
The Bobby Brix Channel is here to stay!
Don’t forget to share the message and have a great holiday season!

P.s: I am aware of the “Building Animation” option in Studio 2.0 but this one is time-consuming and resource-hungry for my current workstation. If you have any other suggestions to make new high-quality step-by-step renders of my LEGO models, I would be happy to here about them!

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