Welcome to bobbybrix.com and to the about page!
You probably may know this website from YouTube or any other Social Network being mentioned by The Bobby Brix Channel. If you are interested in having your own copy of the many LEGO MOCs that have been displayed on the YouTube channel, then this is the correct website! The Bobby Brix Channel has many various categories of LEGO MOCs! Most of the models are requested by our subscribers on YouTube or by our Patrons on Patreon.


The Bobby Brix Channel was first registered on YouTube on 08.04.2017. However, the first video on the channel was uploaded on 16.04.17 – 8 days after. The first video was the Mini LEGO Sports Stadium MOC, a beautiful structure with an elegant modern design. Since the very first video, we have already started the idea of allowing subscribers to suggest their own ideas for the next upcoming video. 4 days later the first subscriber-requested model came out: The Mini LEGO Cromwell Cruiser Tank. More and more requests are made by subscribers from around the world. Although the community may seem small at the moment, we hope it will grow into something big someday…

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