Before creating The Bobby Brix Channel, I started my YouTube endeavour by creating my first YouTube channel back in 2013: Kriblikrably (Kriblikrably LEGO Models).

This channel featured a lot my earlier creations (London Underground Trains, American and London Schoolbuses…) and became popular among LEGO fans with my “Mini LEGO Models” collection and the “Ships of War” collection. However, the channel had several issues, especially in the pronunciation of the name itself.

One thing led to another and a new channel popped up in 2017 under the name of “The Bobby Brix Channel”. As for my previous channel, though it still exists, only two videos remain available to the public.

The Channel

While the channel name changed, most of the content stayed as it was on Kriblikrably. The way my previous channel worked was by allowing my YouTube subscribers to submit their requests for my future videos. And by videos, it also meant the next LEGO MOC (My Own Creation) would be decided by the community of LEGO fans.

Since 2017 The Bobby Brix Channel evolved in multiple formats, including more realistic mini-scaled models of famous and historical ships (RMS Titanic, SS Edmund Fitzgerald, Costa Concordia…) along with military models (Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier, Abrams M1 Tank…) and even ordinary LEGO builds such as the Sports and Football Stadium. 

While most of my LEGO MOCs were built with LEGO Digital Designer, after the end-of-support announced by The LEGO Group, I decided to switch to Bricklink Studio 2.0 (which was coincidently purchased by the LEGO Group recently as well). Since 2021, all my MOCs and 3D renders are made using this exact software and have allowed the channel to grow it’s potential up to this day.

The Shop

Sharing is caring! The Bobby Brix Channel isn’t just making LEGO MOCs requested by the community, but also to give others the inspiration to build exact or similar LEGO MOCs.

That’s why The Bobby Brix Channel has an online shop with a wide catalog of custom building instructions (PDF Format Downloads) based on the LEGO MOCs built by the channel.

While the main catalog is available on The Bobby Brix Channel Shop, I have also created a catalog of my LEGO MOCs on Rebrickable featuring both free and for-purchase downloads.

With all that being said, I invite you to explore the many designs and Ideas I can offer through The Bobby Brix Channel.

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If you have any further questions, or would like to know more about The Bobby Brix Channel you may do so by sending your inquiry through the form on the contact page.

Alex from The Bobby Brix Channel