Advertisers Welcome!

Advertisers Welcome!

Over the past few days, the Bobby Brix channel staff has been working on it’s website and updating some old features and adding some new ones. Apart from the brand new forum which went online a few days ago, the team built something incredibly fresh for the website which is the advertisement sellspace.

Advertisement Sellspace

An advertisement sellspace (or sellspace for short) is an option a website gives for advertisers to display their ads on the website for a certain amount of time and for a certain fee. Advertisers are offered various spots (also known as slots) on the website where they can display their ads. Advertisers can make their ads redirect to a particular website or just advertise a product.

Sellspace OffersAdvertisement fees vary from the size of the banners to the location of the banners. For example, a leaderboard banner which would be displayed on every single page of the website will cost more than a small banner shown only on the sidebar of the search page. But sometimes these locations suit advertisers as they can create a certain distraction for the users while they are browsing the website.

Eventually, they might click on the ad, even if it was a small one and placed somewhere hidden.

This feature is not limited to advertisers though! Ordinary customers and users can also purchase their slot and promote an ad for their blog, website, a picture they made or anything at all!

If you are an advertiser and are interested in our sellspace you can check out our offers here.

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