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Advertisers Welcome!

Advertisers can now reserve dedicated advertisement slots on our website and display their ads!

Top Leaderboard


Visible on all pages

2 ads per slot

Ad rotation available

Sidebar Top-Left


Visible on search pages only

3 ads per slot

Ad rotation available

Sidebar Bottom-Left


Visible on search pages only

3 ads per slot

Ad rotation available

What we offer

Take a look at the services and tools we offer to our advertisers


Advertisers can get an overview of impressions and clicks of their ads. A graphical representation of this data is also provided.

Multiple Formats

We allow advertisers to upload images in .JPG and .JPEG formats. We also allow advertisers to use .GIF files for their ads.

Timer Display

Advertisers have access to an advanced countdown timer to see when their slot reservation expires.

30 Days Reservation

Slot reservations last 30 days and can be renewed again for an unlimited time. Advertisers can cancel their account after expiration.

Banner Storage

Advertisers can store 4 banner designs on their accounts and change their ads whenever they want during their subscription until expiry.

Custom Links

Advertisers can add a link for their ads. Website users will be redirected to these links when clicking on the ads.

PayPal & Display

Payments are made securely via PayPal. Once the slot has been paid and reserved, advertisers can display their ads within minutes.

24/7 Customer Support

We offer everyday customer support to advertisers. Advertisers can contact us through on this website or on social websites.

Available Slots

Take a look at the available slots on this website. Please login or create an account before purchasing a slot.

  • Top Leaderboard
    Size: 728 x 90 (banner will rotate)
  • Sidebar Left Top
    Size: 290 x 100 (banner will rotate)
  • Sidebar Left Bottom
    Size: 360 x 300 (banner will rotate)

Before purchasing a slot please make sure that your advertisement banners are of the exact same size as the slots we offer and are suitable for our website’s audience.

Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions before proceeding to your purchase. If you have questions concerning our offers or our audience target, please contact us through the contact page.

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