How To Use The LEGO Digital Designer’s Features

These are all the features available on the LEGO Digital Designer Software that you can use with our downloadable products. If you haven’t downloaded the LEGO Digital Designer program you can download it hereHere’s the list of available features you must know about the LEGO Digital Designer Software.

1 – Bricks Outline Feature

2 – Model Instructions

3 – Model Photoshoot

4 – Generate a Parts List


1 – Bricks Outline Feature

You can outline every single brick in any model.

Follow these steps: Edit > Preferences > Outline Bricks > OK > Exit program > Start LEGO Digital Designer.

Once you restarted the program you will have all the bricks outlined on every model you open. You can remove this feature by going to preferences once again and disabling the “Outline Bricks” checkbox.



2 – Model Instructions

You can generate the instructions for the model you opened within the program.

Follow these steps: Start LEGO Digital Designer > Open File > Building Guide Mode (Press F7) > Wait for the generator to finish the process.

Once the process has finished you can build the model by going through the steps using the arrow keys.

NOTE: Larger models require longer processing time for the instructions function, please be patient.

3 – Model Photoshoot

If you would like to screenshot your model with a nice background you can use the “View Mode” function in LEGO Digital Designer.

Follow these steps: Start LEGO Digital Designer > Open File > View Mode (Press F6)

Change the background by pressing the globe button in the top left-corner menu or by pressing Ctr l+ F

Take a screenshot of your model by pressing the camera button in the top-left corner menu or by pressing Ctrl + K

Explode the model by pressing the bomb button or by pressing Ctrl + U

NOTE: Exploding the model in View Mode will not destroy or modify the digital model file itself.

4 – Generate a Parts List

You can create your own parts list for the digital LEGO model.

Follow these steps: Start LEGO Digital Designer > Open File > File > Export BOM

Choose a name and a location for your parts list. Click on “Save” and wait for the process to finish.

NOTE: The parts list will be saved in .xslx format

There are many other features in the LEGO Digital Designer program. This tutorial showed you the best features of this program. Download the program for free and you can explore even more features of this program.





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