LEGO Admiral Graf Spee MOC

LEGO Admiral Graf Spee MOC

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As I said in my previous article, 2021 will be a reboot year for me and The Bobby Brix Channel. To begin this festive event, I finally took the time to 3D render the LEGO Admiral Graf Spee, which surprisingly was built many years ago.

But there’s a catch, I am longer using LEGO Digital Designer to showcase this MOC. Instead, I’ve been tweaking the render functionalities of Bricklink’s Studio 2.0 with the integrated EyeSight Renderer. The results are amazing, though they do require a lot of computing power!

My computer isn’t powerful at all when it comes to rendering HD images of my LEGO models. Instead I did it all thanks to Paperspace’s Cloud Computing (which costs money on the downside) with a dedicated graphic cards on which I am currently working on. It runs smoothly and much faster than what my PC is able to do.

However, in the near future, I will try to upgrade my rig to something more powerful and able to render 4K building animations offline… But that’s another story for another time. Enjoy the new video and don’t forget to share!

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