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DESIGN is an original theme created by The Bobby Brix Channel and is suitable for everybody! Dive into the amazing world of art and design with LEGO.

To be honest this model was never meant to be made or released – but it is available on our website anyways for anyone to download.


We at make sure that our website visitors will bump into the most unexpected custom LEGO creations such as the LEGO Coffee Table. And guess what? You can download the LEGO Coffee Table f


Sofas are very comfortable and needy at home and at work. Build you own mini LEGO Sofa couch created by The Bobby Brix Channel.


LEGO Bed Instructions Book

The LEGO Bed MOC instructions created by The Bobby Brix Channel is simple and easy for anyone to understand. All the steps are provided to build the model of a small and cozy LEGO bed.


The DESIGN Mini LEGO Bed Model is now available as a download in store on the official website of The Bobby Bric Channel!

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