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Micro Trains

We have found 7 items matching your search query.

LEGO Vienna U-Bahn Train

Another metro train from another country, this time it’s the LEGO Vienna U-Bahn train!


LEGO Steam Locomotive

We can’t have a train fleet without an old-timer like this LEGO Steam Locomotive. Download this micro LEGO model for free and have fun building it!


LEGO Nuclear Waste Transportation Train

If you have a LEGO Nuclear station in your micro LEGO city then you might need a micro LEGO Nuclear Waste Transportation train as well.


LEGO Moscow Metro Train

The FIFA World Cup is starting in June, if you are in Moscow for the games then you will probably take a ride on the LEGO Moscow Metro Train


LEGO Double Stack Train

North America has different ways to transport goods and merchandise across land including trains such as this LEGO Double Stack Train.


LEGO Rhonexpress Train

The Rhonexpress train is an airport shuttle that runs between the city of Lyon in France and the Saint-Exupery International Airport of Lyon. You can now build your own Micro LEGO Rhonexpress Train by


LEGO Bullet Train

Bullet Trains are fast and so is the LEGO Bullet Train. Build it in no time and use anywhere you want!


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