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Modern Warfare

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The Modern Warfare Theme by The Bobby Brix Channel is a collection of custom made LEGO models including weapons built in the modern era after the 1950's. This theme includes ground units and naval units of the modern era.

LEGO F-18 Hornet Instructions Book

Download the LEGO F-18 Hornet Instructions Book! We have updated our instructions book design template and made it even better!

LEGO F-18 Hornet

It is finally here after a very long time of waiting! The LEGO F-18 Hornet is now among the other fighters in The Bobby Brix Channel collection. Download the original LEGO Digital Designer file here!

LEGO Victory Class Corvette

A modern war ship, the first of it’s kind in our Modern Warfare fleet: the LEGO Victory Class Corvette. Fast, powerful and dangerous is what you can say about the LEGO Victory Class Corvette. No

LEGO USS Lexington (CV-16) Aircraft Carrier

Previously an Essex-class aircraft carrier, the USS Lexington was converted and modernized into a new one and used mostly during the Cold War.

LEGO Typhoon Class Submarine

The biggest submarine to rule them all. The Bobby Brix Channel has created the LEGO Typhoon/Akula Class Nuclear Submarine built by the Soviet Navy.

LEGO Victoria Class Submarine

Another submarine in the collection you might enjoy building. The LEGO Victoria Class Submarine model can be downloaded on our website.


LEGO Los Angeles Class Nuclear Submarine

The LEGO Los Angeles Class Nuclear Submarine is one of the many other LEGO submarine models we have in our collection – and it is a powerful one as well.


LEGO Bradley M2 IFV

You can build your own IFV based on the Bradley M2 IFV by downloading the Mini LEGO Bradley M2 IFV model created by The Bobby Brix Channel.

LEGO Abrams M1A1 Tank

Download the Mini LEGO Abrams M1A1 Tank created by The Bobby Brix Channel

LEGO T-14 Armata Tank

Download the Mini LEGO Armata Tank model created by The Bobby Brix Channel.


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