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LEGO London Tube 1996 Stock Train

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LEGO London Tube 1996 Stock Train
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LEGO London Tube 1996 Stock Train

The London Underground is as famous as the city itself and it is thanks to it’s beautiful monumental stations and wide diversity of train models.

The 1996 Stock train is one of them and is mostly known for serving the Jubilee (Grey) Line and of course for it’s particular whining acceleration and deceleration sound.

You have a chance to download the original file of the LEGO London Tube 1996 Stock Train created and provided by The Bobby Brix Channel!

The 1996 Stock Train

The London Underground 1996 stock is a type of rolling stock used on the Jubilee line of the London Underground. The trains were built by GEC Alsthom-Metro Cammell (now Alstom) and entered service in 1997. The trains are very similar to the 1995 Stock used on the Northern line

The original 59 trains were initially operated in a 6-car formation, however in 2005 an additional trailer car was added to lengthen each train to 7 cars. At the same time, four additional 7-car trains were ordered, bringing the total to 63 7-car trains.

Source: Wikipedia Article


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The LEGO Digital Designer
Studio 2.0

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