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LEGO Models Contributions and Donations

Before sending a request, we advise you to read the rules and regulation concerning custom LEGO creations created by users.

  • User have the right to send a request to upload their custom LEGO creation on this website.
  • Users under the age of 16 must have parental permission before sending a request to the staff.
  • Users can only send uploads that comply to these formats: .lxf, .ldr, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .mp4.

There are two steps users must follow to upload their model on this website:

  1. Users must first contact the staff via the contact form below explaining in the description what type of custom LEGO creation they would like to publish on this website.
  2. The staff will then provide a dedicated email address to the user to send the custom LEGO creation in one of the eligible formats indicated above.

  • The Bobby Brix Channel has the right to review all requests before publishing, and/or deny certain requests if they do comply with specific regulations.
  • All requests that do not contain materials related to LEGO will be refused immediately. Users procuring such requests will be temporarily ineligible to send requests during a certain amount of time.
  • Once approved, the user will be notified by the staff.

  • The user’s creation can be promoted free of charge by The Bobby Brix Channel under the user’s approval. The user has the right to refuse this proposal.
  • The user has the right to have their name/nickname/pseudonym written in the description of the model on this website. The user has the right to refuse this proposal.
  • The user has the right to demand the removal of their custom LEGO model from this website. This procedure will take effect without delay.
  • Any custom LEGO creation given by a user will be considered as a donation or contribution.
  • The user is not eligible to have their model put up for sale on this website.

  • By sending a custom LEGO creation the user acknowledges that the model was created by the user and is not sold commercially on any other website or sales platform. The user has the right to have their model available for free on other websites and platforms as long as this complies with these websites’ terms and conditions.
  • The user acknowledges to hold responsibility in the event of a copyright notice/strike, plagiarism notice or any other violation related to their custom LEGO creation. In such event The Bobby Brix Channel denies all responsibility and will not defend and/or protect the user against these claims.
  • The Bobby Brix Channel reserves the right to remove the custom LEGO creation of the user in the event of such claims.

By sending a request, you agree that you have read and acknowledged the terms and conditions and the rules applied by this website and The Bobby Brix Channel.

Send your request

Once you've read the rules you can send a request through the contact form below.

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