Summer Schedule

The Bobby Brix Channel is planning to provide the best videos during the summer for all LEGO fans around the globe, on YouTube.

The Schedule



The table above may be simple to understand but here are some more details about it:

Every Monday and Thursday, The Bobby Brix Channel will upload videos of random creations. These videos will be then assigned to one of the themes created by The Bobby Brix Channel: Mini LEGO Models, Ships of War, Legends Of War, Modern Warfare, DESIGN, HOME…

Tuesdays and Saturdays will be dedicated to LEGO fans who submitted their requests in the comment sections on our YouTube Channel. Fans get credit for their request while other fans can wait for their turn next time.

Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays will be considered as break days. We will take our time writing new blog articles, adding more products to our website and many more features for our fans.

About Requests

Note: If your request was made into a video, your next request won’t be a priority. This means you would have to wait a month or two before your next request can happen. This is done to ensure other new fans and supporters could get their requests made as well. However, you can have High priority on any requests in the future if you support us on Patreon!


We hope you like the schedule we have prepared for this summer! Subscribe to our channel and enjoy!

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