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LEGO HMS Repulse

Oh buoy! The Ships Of War fleet is getting bigger and bigger everyday! Take a look at yet another addition to the collection with the LEGO HMS Repulse Battlecruiser MOC from the British Navy! Download



Don’t judge a ship by it’s unusual shape or size, judge it by it’s might in high seas. Yes, this is one mighty ship the British have built during World War II and this ship served we


LEGO HMS King George V Battleship

Lead ship of her own class of Battleship, she led a mighty fleet of fearless machines across the oceans and seas bringing wreck and havoc among enemies during World War II.


LEGO HMS Dreadnought Battleship

The Battleship that started it all. A revolution in maritime warfare. Introducing the LEGO HMS Dreadnought Battleship model the way she looked like a century ago.


LEGO HMS Prince Of Wales Battleship

Build this mighty Battleship that once served the Royal British Navy during World War II.


LEGO World Flags - United Kingdom

The LEGO version of the flag of the United Kingdom (along with the American and French flags) was created during the creation of the Queen Mary II Cruise Ship Top 10 Facts Video.


Mini LEGO HMS Warspite

LEGO HMS Warspite

You can download the original file of the Mini LEGO HMS Warspite Battleship model created by The Bobby Brix Channel on this website.


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