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We couldn’t leave the LEGO Ilmarinen Finnish Coastal Defence Ship all along in the docks without her sister ship: the Vainamoinen. Now you download the LEGO Väinämöinen Coastal Defence Ship f
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This Soviet Destroyer shall join the grand fleet of Ships of War created by The Bobby Brix Channel. Greet the LEGO Derzky Class Destroyer model created by The Bobby Brix Channel! You can download this

You can download the Micro version of the USS Cassin (DD-372) & USS Downes (DD-375) Mahan Class Destroyers for free on our website! Enjoy!


This is the first LEGO MOC made by a fan who has contributed many other models to The Bobby Brix Channel. You can download this model for free!


Download the LEGO USS Nicholas Destroyer created by The Bobby Brix Channel.

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