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It is finally here after a very long time of waiting! The LEGO F-18 Hornet is now among the other fighters in The Bobby Brix Channel collection. Download the original LEGO Digital Designer file here!

Another metro train from another country, this time it’s the LEGO Vienna U-Bahn train!


We think that your collection of custom LEGO Japanese Battleships isn’t complete without our LEGO Fuso Battleship model. You can download the LEGO Fuco Battleship on this website and easily buil

The Montana Class Battleships, if built, would have been one of the largest in the world and the biggest and most powerful ones in the US navy…

Lead ship of her own class of Battleship, she led a mighty fleet of fearless machines across the oceans and seas bringing wreck and havoc among enemies during World War II.

Build this mighty Battleship that once served the Royal British Navy during World War II.

Extend your collection of the USAF F-teen Jet Fighter series by building yet another fighter belonging to this family: the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle.

Previously an Essex-class aircraft carrier, the USS Lexington was converted and modernized into a new one and used mostly during the Cold War.

This is the biggest LEGO battleship model in our collection. The H-44 Battleship was one of the H-Class Battleships that were planned to be built and used by the Nazi Germany Kriegsmarine during World

The LEGO USS California (BB-44) Battleship is a custom LEGO creation made by The Bicycling Guitarist. We thank him very much for his many contributions and with his permission we made this model for a


LEGO USS Arizona Battleship

You can download the new redesigned and improved version of the LEGO USS Arizona Battleship model created by The Bobby Brix Channel. Download it now and build it in a matter of minutes!
LEGO USS Missouri Battleship

The USS Missouri is a great and symbolical battleships that proudly served the US Navy during tough battles in World War II. You can download the LEGO USS Missouri Battleship model created by The Bobb
LEGO Supermarine Spitfire

The LEGO Supermarine Spitfire is the first fighter in the Legends Of War series created by The Bobby Brix Channel.


LEGO Bismarck Battleship

Although the Bismarck Battleship served the Axis powers during WWII it’s mightiness made it a legend still remembered today.

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