The Legend Of A Train

It’s always good to bring your best memories back on the spotlight.

On July 9 2017, The Bobby Brix Channel uploaded the first part of the LEGO London Tube Stop Motion Animation. This rather short video (lasting only 1:24 minutes) features a London Underground Train entering and leaving a London Underground Station. And the best part is, it’s all made in LEGO!

A Little Something About The Video

The station features a lot of details including patterns and mosaics you will find in central London Underground stations such as Piccadilly Circus Station or Victoria Station. The creators did not forget about featuring the London Underground Logo and it can be seen displayed along the station walls.

Some train fanatics might have recognized the model name of the train featured in this video. But if you haven’t it is totally ok, because we are going to talk about it now.

Obviously the main actor of the video is the train and it is the only mobile object in the video (apart from the camera). The train is a replica of a 1996 Stock Train which is currently serving the London Tube (particularly on the Jubilee Line). A lot of travelers and Londoners know this train by its unique landmark sound. Indeed, this train makes a pretty loud whining sound every time it enters a station and every time it leaves one. Of course, to add a small touch of realism, the creators did overlay the original whining sound of the train onto the video.

Some History

Did you know that a lot of people have already seen this video even before it was uploaded? That is why it is labelled “REMASTERED”.

Originally the LEGO London Tube Stop Motion Animation was created and launched by Kriblikrably LEGO Models back in 2013. Since then the video was viewed by 350000+ people and was the best among the two animations featuring the London Tube on the channel. However, the creators released the video in very poor quality (480p) and were not satisfied with it. By the time they noticed it, the video was shared and re-shared by many, and it was unthinkable to remove it.

By the end of 2016, Kriblikrably LEGO Models ceased all production of videos on YouTube. This was the time when the creators wanted to start a new LEGO channel, but with better content and a better name for a (Kriblikrably was quite confusing for many). In April 2017, The Bobby Brix Channel appeared, created by the very same creators of Kriblikrably LEGO Models.

Two months later, the creators remastered the LEGO London Tube Animation into a HD version and uploaded the result on July 9 2017.

If you haven’t seen the video yet you can check it out on The Bobby Brix YouTube Channel, on the Videos Page on our website, or right here just below. Enjoy and subscribe for more!