The Bobby Brix Channel logo features the face of an Old English Sheepdog.


One of the first beginnings of my LEGO YouTuber journey was with my first public YouTube Channel by the name “Kriblikrably“. I uploaded some designs there between 2013 and 2016. This channel featured many of my earlier creations (London Underground Trains, American and London School Buses…) and became popular among LEGO fans with my “Mini LEGO Models” and “Ships of War” series. Of course there were a few things I didn’t like about the name, design and overall “brand” image of Kriblikrably especially the way I was leading it.

This motivated me to create a different YouTube Channel and sunset Kriblikrably* to give light to “The Bobby Brix Channel” in April 2017.

The Channel

While the channel name changed, most of the content stayed as it was on Kriblikrably in the first few years. The way my previous channel worked was by allowing my fans and people on YouTube to submit their requests in the comments of my videos. If it was a request that I liked or was more or less feasible, I made a video of it and by that a new LEGO MOC (My Own Creation). Ultimately, most of the content seen on The Bobby Brix Channel has been requested by hundreds of people around the world.

Since 2021, The Bobby Brix Channel evolved into multiple formats, including more realistic mini-scaled models of famous and historical ships (RMS Titanic, SS Edmund Fitzgerald, Costa Concordia…) along with military models (Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier, Abrams M1 Tank…) and even ordinary LEGO builds such as the Sports and Football Stadium. While most of my LEGO MOCs were built with LEGO Digital Designer, after the end-of-support announced by The LEGO Group, I decided to switch to Bricklink Studio 2.0 (which was purchased by the LEGO Group later on).

The COVID pandemic boosted my creativity and the content produced for the channel, which also increased the overall viewership and growth of the channel unlike anything I’ve ever seen with my previous YouTube Channel. New series appeared on the channel such as “Sub-May-Rine” Month, “Ocean Julyner” Month which prompted the participation of fans on the recently launched Discord server. That same year my LEGO MOCs started appearing on Rebrickable, which then became my main platform for sharing the PDF Building Instructions ever since.

After a break of 8 months between late 2022 and mid-2023, The Bobby Brix Channel was reuploading new videos again experimenting with characters from the video game “Among Us” by Innersloth or showing a LEGO MOC recreation of one of Piet Mondrian‘s paintings. By the end of 2023, I decided to challenge myself in creating a 25-day long event during December featuring new Winter and Christmas themed LEGO MOCs between the first day of December and Christmas Day. That same period I broke through the threshold of over 200 LEGO MOCs designed since the start of the channel.

LEGO Micro MOCs has caught the attention of many of my viewers recently whish is what made me launch new series on YouTube and TikTok in 2024. While my YouTube Channel got a brand new “Micro Mondays” and “Micro March” series, TikTok allowed me to resuscitate a forgotten project from 2022 in the form of slideshows dubbed “Quick Brix“.

*My previous channel still exists but I’ve kept only two videos remaining visible and available to the public as of this day.