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LEGO Mini Models Collection

Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Police Car and Off-Road Cars. You will have a wide range of choice of daily life vehicles in our LEGO Mini Models collection.

LEGO Ships of War Collection

From the legendary Bismarck to the HMS Warspite, we have over 40 ships of war to choose from in the LEGO Ships of War MOCs collection.

LEGO Architecture Collection

Building, Bridges, Parks and Roads – all make up a beautiful LEGO city you can build on your own with our preset ideas…

LEGO Modern Warfare Collection

In our modern world, everything keeps evolving and getting better, faster and stronger. Our LEGO Modern Warfare Collection is the prime example of military models of our contemporary era.

LEGO Space Collection

Blast off to the unknown with a space shuttle and dock it to a space station that will lead you to the undiscovered horizons of the cosmos.

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