281 PCS. | MOC #0255

LEGO Albanian Minecraft Painting is one of my latest Art Brix series creation featuring video game art work from Minecraft.

This is “Albanian”. A video game art piece that is also the first painting in the alphabetical list of Minecraft paintings.

Video game art work from Minecraft featuring a pixelized version of Kristoffer Zetterstrand made by the same artist.

But did you know it is actually based on a real-life painting made by the same artist that did the Minecraft version?

The original Albanian painting by Kristoffer Zetterstrand.

This is the original “Albanian” by the Swedish artist Kristoffer Zetterstrand. Kristoffer painted this one in 1997 with oil-based paint on cardboard. “Albanian” is a depiction of a man wearing a fez next to a house, a few bushes and a country landscape depicted behind him. As the title suggests, the scenery might be situated in the countryside of Albania.

My LEGO version of “Albanian” seems a bit more saturated or colourful than the original art work from Minecraft which can be explained simply by the colourful nature of LEGO pieces that are closest to the original art works.

Comparison between the LEGO MOC version of Albanian and the original versions by Kristoffer Zetterstrand.

Note that this is just the first version of the LEGO “Albanian” Minecraft Painting MOC as I am also planning on making a much more simpler frame with a more modular design that can be also hung up on a wall. Stay tuned for more of that soon!


This LEGO® MOC was designed, created and rendered by The Bobby Brix Channel in 2024 and published on The Bobby Brix Website in 2024.

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