23 PCS. | MOC #0222

The second day of Micro March is rolling in featuring the micro LEGO Renault Magnum Truck MOC! That’s right, in just 23 pieces you can make this cute version of a very rectangular truck which also has a very large windscreen.

What I love the most about this micro scaled creation of mine is how well the 1×2 rounded plate fits in with the rest of the trucks body. The choice of red, light bluish grey and dark bluish grey allowed me to outline the main parts of the Renault Magnum rectangular design. The rounded plate itself allows for the truck to have a distinct separation between the large 1×2 windscreen (using a transparent brown piece) and the engine which sits below.


This LEGO® MOC was designed, created and rendered by The Bobby Brix Channel in 2024 and published on The Bobby Brix Website in 2024.

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