28 PCS. | MOC #0227

What do you get when you mix an American truck with a European Cab-Over? You get the Scania T-Cab Truck of course!

Now you might think what kind of truck this is and to be fair I don’t know. It’s not everyday you would see this on your local roads but the Scania T-Cab is a real truck. But when you look for pictures online you will see it comes with so many bright configurations and bold paintjobs! Which is what I went for this design exactly. I gave it a bumblebee yellow and black look while basing the entire design on my previous Micro LEGO American Truck MOC. I can’t wait to show the different trailer these trucks can pull!


This LEGO® MOC was designed, created and rendered by The Bobby Brix Channel in 2024 and published on The Bobby Brix Website in 2024.

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