24 PCS. | MOC #0226

This truck MOC kind of appeared in two of my videos back during the Advent Calendar event and in one of my Micro Monday specials. But the truck didn’t have it’s name even though it was largely based on the Volvo FH Truck.

If you look at the front view of the truck you might actually be able to see the similarity of the micro scaled truck with a real life Volvo FH Truck. I had to change a few bricks around to make this happen. A single black 1×2 plate and a light bluish grey 1×2 rounded plate stacked together form a very unique union which you might have noticed back on my LEGO Micro Renault Magnum MOC. I also added the same silver 1×1 round tiles on the wheels as the ones on my other MOCs in this event.


This LEGO® MOC was designed, created and rendered by The Bobby Brix Channel in 2024 and published on The Bobby Brix Website in 2024.

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